Kevin Rudd launches small business initiatives

The Labor party plans to reduce GST reporting red tape for small and medium businesses if re-elected. As part of Ken Rudd's commitment to being more small business friendly, the Prime Minister recently launched several initiatives targeted at small and medium businesses. With not long to go before election day, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has outlined how...
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Protecting Your Property Investment.

Investment Property Insurance is in some ways very similar to personal property insurance. Protecting your property investment is extremely important. By protecting your property investment you are not only protecting the money spent to invest or buy your property, but you are protecting future income from your investment property. (which is most likely why you invested...
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Why You Need Product Liability Insurance

Product liability insurance is very important! All manufacturers want to manufacture defect free products, but the only way to guarntee that you protected for product liability is by insuring your business with product liability insurance. Consumers have the right to file a lawsuit if products or goods purchased have one of the following types of defects: -...
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5 must insurance have policies for franchises:

Franchising is one of the most effective ways to grow a business and the constantly increasing number of franchises and franchise businesses in Australia demonstrates just how successful a business model franchising is. Part of a successful strategy for both franchisors and franchisees is the ability to look ahead and identify potential risks and problems before...
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