Why Use Insurance Brokers?

Because Insurance Brokers put you first by always being available and intimately understanding the needs of your business. We provide this superior service because we strive to cultivate long-term relationships with our clients. We understand that dealing with insurance-related matters is time-consuming and complicated, which is why we not only represent you regarding these matters, but also handle all documentation and certificates of currency.

If you are just starting out with coverage, we can assemble for your business an insurance package that saves you money compared to individual policies. If your business is already covered, it’s important that we assess your coverage for any potential gaps. If we do find gaps we can help you narrow down the best coverage type and amount of your particular needs.

The Benefits of Using an Authorised Representative

First and foremost, your account manager works for you, not insurance companies. A competent account manager fully understands the needs of your business and, as a result, prepares an insurance package that does not leave your business vulnerable under any circumstances. We Insurance brokers also represent your business when you have to make a claim, freeing up your time to focus on more important matters. Insurance brokers perform a variety of other helpful tasks as well, notifying you of any changes or applicable fees.\

Steadfast Buying Power

We are members of the Steadfast Group, Australia’s largest autonomous insurance broker cluster. With the backing of a national management group, we have the buying power that gives us access to the majority of the Australian insurance market and its strategic partners.

By combining the above factors, we can find the right business insurance regardless of the business sector you are in. Put us to the test today!

Melbourne Insurance Brokers allows you to concentrate on building your business by delivering the complete support and service you need.

We are also big believers in networking with a number of staff involved in networking organisations such as BNI (Business Network International). If you have an issue and not sure who to talk to, contact us and we will be able to direct you to an appropriate professional.

Call us now at 03 9686 0688 to speak to an experienced business insurance broker.