Public Liability Insurance

In Victoria, Public Liability is one of the greatest risks a business faces and Public Liability Insurance is generally the first type of insurance that most business owners will purchase.

If you, or one of your employees, causes an injury to a third party, or damage to their property, your business may be sued for compensation and legal costs, potentially resulting in a crippling payout which could bankrupt a small business.

Another form of “damage” that your business can cause a third party is advertising injury which includes copyright infringement, invasion of privacy, slander and libel. We have all seen how easy it is to say inappropriate things on social media.

Public liability insurance cost is not related to the size of your business; it is determined by the level of cover you require. There is no way to predict the amount for which you may be liable but the most common levels of cover today are $5 million and $10 million, although higher cover can be organised.

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