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MIB Newsletter – August 2013


In most cases insurance premiums will now be reduced with the removal of the fire services levy from all insurance policies. As described by the State Revenue Office of Victoria and on the Fire Services Property Levy website, the new Fire Services Property Levy is now...
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Insurers Facing Their Own Water Hazards

THE GENERAL insurance sector operating in Queensland and northern NSW is also facing the water hazards of the flooded regions because loss assessors and other personnel have not been able to get in to accurately assess the losses in many places. Insurance brokers are doing their best in the closed regions to attend to suffering clients. However,...
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Brokers hold commercial key

INSURANCE BROKERS in Australia have remained the key distribution channel for commercial insurance over the past 25 years, KMPG reports in its latest General Insurance Survey for 2011. During the past 5 years brokers have averaged more than 70% share of the commercial insurance market, said KPMG quoting official statistics. Most commercial insurance policyholders, particularly at...
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Federal Election Promises

Both labor and the coalition have made a range of promises for business. Here's the breakdown and what it means for your business. SMALL BUSINESS: Labor: [arrow2_list]
  • Says it would cut the red tape by administering paid parental leave through Centrelink for businesses with fewer than 20 employees.
  • Would give an upfront tax deduction for small businesses when they buy...
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