Distribution / Warehouse Insurance

A warehouse / distribution business handles and stores goods on behalf of its customers and is responsible for the care of those goods, both in storage and in transit.

Loss or damage can occur to these goods as a result of fire, flood, accident, theft, malicious acts and equipment failure, so you need insurance to protect you against these incidents.

In addition, your distribution/warehouse insurance portfolio should include some or all of:

Commercial Property Insurance – insurance for your commercial premises.

Business Interruption Insurance – provides funds to keep your business going in the event of damage to your building and/or equipment.

Public Liability Insurance – protects against legal costs in the event that a third party (not part of your business) is injured and/or has their property damaged as a result of your business activities.

Motor Vehicle Insurance – insures your motor fleet.

Management Liability Insurance – protects against mismanagement by you or your management team, ranging from staff bullying to fraud.

General Property Insurance – insurance for your equipment away from your business premises (laptops, mobile phones etc.).

Key Man Insurance – Reimburses the costs of covering for a key employee who is unable to work, for any reason.

As every business is different, we work with you to tailor your insurance cover. We have the experience to understand your business model.

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