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Why Liability Insurance Is a Must for Businesses

Liability Insurance is an essential cover for any business owner & should form a key component of your asset protection. Although many people refer to this insurance as Public Liability cover, it’s important to note that Liability insurance is a combined policy providing both Public & Products Liability insurance, with both covers provided automatically. You can’t...
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Protecting Your Business Property.

Any damage or loss caused to your business property is never pleasant, even if you are insured. So we thought we'd put together some tips on how to protect business property, so you can minimize the risk of any property damage / loss to your business. Crime Preventing Tips: - Security System: A security and alarm system...
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8 Ways to Manage Transportation Insurance Costs

There are various ways to increase or reduce the costs associated with transporting goods and products. Reducing costs can often influence the quality of transportation, and increasing costs can often influence any premiums you may pay in case of problems. Here's eight things to consider when trying to manage the insurance cost of goods transportation: 1. Factor...
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Tips for Renewing Business Insurance

You should always look at current market conditions before renewing your business insurance. Using a brokers is the best way to go as they have easy access to a range of insurers. Here are some tips to consider when renewing your business insurance policy: - Ask your insurance broker about how the current conditions affect your premiums...
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