Strange Insurance Claims

March 20, 2018

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Insurers are in the business of paying claims and in the year end June 30, 2011, the industry paid out $23.83 billion in insurance claims.

Our hardworking claims gun Annie Di Carlantonio strives to ensure the claims you suffer are settled as quickly as possible. Some of more unusual or strange insurance claims that we have seen include the following.

“Every Dog Has Their Day”

Third Party’s Dog Destroyed Sofa Lounge and Armchair (April 2012)

Our client was laying new carpet at their customer’s home. Their customer’s dog entered room where work was being finalised and destroyed the customer’s Sofa Couch and Armchair. Our client lodged a claim under their Liability Policy and their customer received settlement of $2,100.

“Roll with the times.”

Our Client’s Car Rolled Into Yan Yean Reservoir (January 2012)

Early January, 2012 our client set off with his family to enjoy a picnic at Yan Yean Reservoir. Whilst unloading the goods from the car, the client’s vehicle started to roll away and finished in the Yan Yean Reservoir.

The vehicle was deemed a total write-off and our client received settlement of $31,425 under his Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy. That’s an expensive picnic!

No matter how strange the insurance claim, it is our job to ensure your claims are processed efficiently so you can get back to business as usual.

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