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Kevin Rudd launches small business initiatives

The Labor party plans to reduce GST reporting red tape for small and medium businesses if re-elected. As part of Ken Rudd's commitment to being more small business friendly, the Prime Minister recently launched several initiatives targeted at small and medium businesses. With not long to go before election day, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has outlined how...
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5 must insurance have policies for franchises:

Franchising is one of the most effective ways to grow a business and the constantly increasing number of franchises and franchise businesses in Australia demonstrates just how successful a business model franchising is. Part of a successful strategy for both franchisors and franchisees is the ability to look ahead and identify potential risks and problems before...
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Queensland Government has been advised to provide its flood studies to insurers.

The Queensland state Government has been advised to provide insurance companies access to recent flood studies to determine any changes in premiums. This could change the rates and policies for small and medium business owners as well as residents. Queenslands Recovery and Resilience Minister David Crisafulli said local residents and business should also check local council...
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