Queensland Government has been advised to provide its flood studies to insurers.

The Queensland state Government has been advised to provide insurance companies access to recent flood studies to determine any changes in premiums. This could change the rates and policies for small and medium business owners as well as residents.

Queenslands Recovery and Resilience Minister David Crisafulli said local residents and business should also check local council flood maps to determine the flood risk in their areas before speaking to insurers.

Insurers offer a discount on home and contents insurance for things like security screens, alarms or deadlocks,Crisafulli said.

Why not offer discounts to those who choose more resilient building products or raise their house high enough to avoid flooding?

We live every day with the knowledge that its not if but when were going to be hit again. Insurance companies need to take that sort of resilience on board.

At a time when thousands of Queenslanders are picking up the pieces and insurers face big payouts, this is one way we can start to rein in spiralling costs.

Referring to his proposal as a win-win situation, Crisafulli understands that insurance companies would sell more policies if rates were cheaper and policyholders feel that they are protected.

An ICA spokesman said it was up to the individual insurer to determine which factors and to use when determining new premiums.

It is thought that the ICA has received the letter and will respond in due course.

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