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Protecting Your Property Investment.

Investment Property Insurance is in some ways very similar to personal property insurance. Protecting your property investment is extremely important. By protecting your property investment you are not only protecting the money spent to invest or buy your property, but you are protecting future income from your investment property. (which is most likely why you invested...
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Insurance for Commercial Property Investors.

Whether you're investing in a new property to build wealth, use for your business or buying a property to live in or as a way of generating a rental income or other return, it is important to insure your new property investment. Here are five types of insurance that commercial property investors should consider: Lenders Mortgage Insurance If...
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Disaster Insurance for Small Business

Although large major disasters can cause significant damage, smaller disasters that cause things like blackouts, burst pipes and flooding, can stop a business from operating completely. So its important that small business owners comb their policy carefully to make sure that everything is covered. Regarding larger disasters, Australia and its climate has led to some large disasters...
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How building standards can reduce insurance premiums

Since 2010 natural disasters have caused billions of dollars of damage across Australia and insurance losses of more than $8.9bn. The Productivity Commissions report, Barriers to Effective Climate Change Adaptation, released in March of this year, found that buildings built to withstand extreme weather conditions have lower insurance premiums. Following the report, the Federal Government preached...
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