Protecting Your Business Property.

Any damage or loss caused to your business property is never pleasant, even if you are insured. So we thought we’d put together some tips on how to protect business property, so you can minimize the risk of any property damage / loss to your business.

Crime Preventing Tips:

– Security System: A security and alarm system will go a long way to deter thieves.
– Locks on all doors: Ensure that all doors to your business have good quality locks. Deadbolt locks are some of the best.
– Cover and secure any exterior door hinges to deter people from removing them.
– Protect business windows with the use of bars or metalic screens.

Computer Equipment & Data tips:

– Clamp or lock business computers to work desks.
– Make sure you backup all of your business data regularly in multiple locations.
– Record the unique serial numbers of all of your office equipment.

Business Interruption Prevention:

– Have a backup plan: Keep a list of backup suppliers / partners in the event that something happens to one of your main suppliers / partners.
– Create plans and processes for for show stopping business situations
– Cross train staff: If someone leaves your business. Their knowledge and skills will not be totally lost.

Workplace fire & damage prevention tips:

– Don’t overload the electrical outlets in your office.
– If your building is an older building, ensure all electrical connections are checked by an electrician.
– Ensure that fire, health and safety features such as alarms, fire exit signs and emergency lights work according to your local laws.
– In building with sprinklers, keep any stock and equipment more than 50 cms below the sprinkler heads.

Commercial Vehicle Security Tips:

– Drivers: When hiring business drivers for your business vehicles. Make sure you conduct pre-employment and background checks. A driver, with a clean driving record, is the key to reducing the risk of injury as well as any damage to the driver or others.
– Your company vehicles need to be suitable for the type of work your business does.
– Drivers should never pick up non-business passangers, such as hitchhikers.
– Proper vehicle maintenance will improve safety and esnure th car runs smoothly. This should be conducted by a qualified mechanic.
– Don’t drive recklessy.
– Deliveries should not be made unless the receiving party signs for them upon delivery.

Personal Injury Prevention Tips:

– Floors: Keep floors clean and undamaged. Use non-slip wax on floors.
– During periods of wet weather, all entrances to your business should have mats or rugs tto prevent staff and clients from slipping.
– Any spills should be mopped up immediately and a Caution-Wet Floor sign erected.
– Ensure that you clean gutters on a regular basis, so that water is directed away from sidewalks and walkways.
– Ensure that all exterior lighting is sufficient and check for faulty lights.

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