Protect Your ‘Palace’

Is your home your ‘palace’ or your ‘castle’? If so, consider Prestige insurance cover which offers amazing protection and benefits.

Cover / benefits include:

HIGHER MARKET VALUE:Market appreciation cover up to 150% of the sum insured for itemised articles with a current valuation
BUILDING APPRAISAL:A complimentary building appraisal
CASH:Cash settlements available at Your option
FAMILY:Provides cover for expenses incurred following hijacking, car-jacking, child abduction, stalking, home invasion, air rage and road rage occurrences.
FORGERY:Credit card, forgery and counterfeiting coverage up to $30,000.
FRAUD:Identity fraud expenses up to $75,000 per occurrence
GLOBAL:Provides cover against physical loss or damage to Your valuable articles anywhere in the world.
HIGH LIMITS:High limits for jewellery ($50,000 any one claim and $25,000 per item) and other special content.  No limit for fine arts and antiques.
HOME BUSINESS:Business property covered up to $50,000 for most professions.  Extra cover for business continuation expenses, loss of income, misuse of home business credit cards and accounts receivable losses.
NO DEPRECIATION:Replacement cost coverage without deduction for depreciation
REPLACEMENT COST:Extended replacement cost option

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