Melbourne Insurance Brokers' agricultural clientele range from crop farmers, to livestock producers, animal feed, grain storage, feedlots, and dairy operations to name a few. The markets that offer traditional agribusiness clientele coverage are limited in number and scope, and generally, favour regional distribution of their products. Melbourne Insurance Brokers maintains these valued appointments on a strategic basis, aligning our coverage with what we feel are the markets most significant problems and our cover can grow with your business.

The agriculture insurance market is indeed challenging. Are you insured with a farm policy, or a commercial output policy? What defines when a business moves from one to the other? What if there is combination of personal and commercial exposures? There’s no one size fits all solution.

Agribusiness clients often find themselves wanting to explore the "risk-reward trade-off". Farmers take risk every day, perhaps more than almost any other business owners. Ironically, their programs usually lack hallmark elements of risk retention, unless they are massive enterprises.   We work with clients to assess where the right balance of risk vs insurance cover is required specifically for agribusiness clients.

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