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Due to the nature of the work in the Property, Construction and Trades industries, these industries have an elevated risk of accident and injury so the right insurance cover is essential to protect your business, your equipment and your staff. For builders, office and shop fitters the cost of damages awarded against your business in the event of an accident causing the death of an employee can be extremely costly for a larger business and could signal the end of your small business.

Therefore you need to rest assured that you have the right insurance package – that’s why we are the experts in Property, Construction and Trades Insurance. Some risks that can be covered by the right insurance package may include:

  • Tools – Theft of or damage to your tools and equipment when they are on site (outside your premises).
  • Property – Damage to your property caused by fire, water, storm, impact or vandalism.
  • Public Liability – Injury to third parties and/or damage to their property.
  • Life Insurance – Ease the financial burden on your loved ones in the event that you pass.
  • Keyman Insurance – Lump sum payment in the event a business partner or key member of staff is unable to work.
  • Business Expenses – Provides revenue to cover your absence from the business following accident or illness.
  • Motor Vehicles – Damage to your vehicle and third party vehicles or property.

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