What to do when you need to claim

September 5, 2018

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Melbourne Insurance Brokers are there to assist you with your claim, to ensure it gets settled and paid as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Our role is to represent you and ensure as much as possible, that the insurers meet their obligations under the policy you have purchased.

Now in the event of an incident or accident, it is imperative to ensure if people are involved, they are as safe as possible so to take whatever appropriate action is required.

Once this is achieved, take photos of the scene or damage that is apparent. In the event of a car accident or injury to another party, it is important to ensure you do not admit any liability. Sure you can show all the empathy that is required but do not make any admission of responsibility as this can breach the condition(s) of cover.

In the event of a motor vehicle accident, capture the following information about the other party:

  • Name & address
  • Car Registration
  • Contact phone number, and if possible,
  • Drivers Licence

In the event of a theft or other property damage:

  • Take photo(s) of the point of entry, damage to door, window or lock
  • List all the items damaged or stolen
  • If relevant report the matter to the local police

In our experience, our clients with the smoothest & quickest settlement of their claim will have:

  • Photos of damage
  • List of items impacted
  • Evidence of the existence of items being claimed, such as a receipt, invoice or if not available, operating manual, copy of warranty or even a photo of the relevant item
  • Quote for replacement of the impacted item

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