Disaster Insurance for Small Business

March 20, 2018

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Although large major disasters can cause significant damage, smaller disasters that cause things like blackouts, burst pipes and flooding, can stop a business from operating completely.

So its important that small business owners comb their policy carefully to make sure that everything is covered.

Regarding larger disasters, Australia and its climate has led to some large disasters in recent years, from flooding to bushfires, hundreds of millions have been claimed. But the reality is, that most small business owners dont know the details of their policy. Does it cover bushfires or house fires, natural floods or burst pipes. These are all things that need to be read over very carefully.

Its imperative to have a plan in place to restore your business to its pre-disaster condition after any disaster. This may cost a bit of money to maintain adequate insurance coverage, but in the long run, this will make all the difference if a disaster occurs.

As the old saying goes prevention is better than cure!

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